[ELS]eNDP Review

I bought Practical Network Defense from eLearnSecurity a while ago but I didn’t find the time to take the exam. I finally had time to take it at the end of September.

The course content is divided in 3 sections:

  • Introduction
  • Network security
  • Endpoint security

The introduction section talks about the OSI model, TCP/IP stack, Wireshark, and common attacks. There’s nothing really fancy or hard to understand.

The second section is about network security. More specifically creating secure network design, firewall configuration, VPN configuration, and switch configuration.

The third section is about endpoint security and talks about users and groups management, configuring WSUS, EMET, workstations security, creating GPO’s, printers security, and 3rd party access.

The course

The course is on point and teaches you everything you need to pass the exam and get hands-on experience.

The only thing i disliked was that for example it was teaching the use of EMET which had the EOL in 2018. However, 85-90% of the course still applies to nowadays.

The labs

The labs have walkthroughs, so whenever you get stuck you can check the walkthrough of that lab and see what you missed/did wrong.

The labs are decent in my opinion, but there’s room for improvement. Some labs might use an outdated version of a software, that’s the reason I say they are decent. An example would be the pfSense version and EMET which had its EOL in 2018. However, it’s perfect for getting an idea on mitigatin specific vulnerabilities.

Also, some labs might differ a little bit from the videos/course. An example would be the firewall configuration labs wherein the videos you are presented the PAN-OS and in the lab you use pfSense.

The exam

You have 96 hours (4 days) to complete the NDP exam. The exam isn’t hard, but you need to pay attention to what you are doing.

Also, what i really liked about the exam was that i needed to google a few things to figure out some things that were going down there. Some might find that frustrating, but in my opinion that’s on point, as google is the key to most problems.

A small downturn is that some machines might be a little unstable. I had to restart the environment 2 times because I couldn’t reach a specific machine and it wasn’t a firewall/GPO issue.

Final thoughts

If you plan on going for eNDP i’d recommend you to wait a little longer as i heard eNDPv2 might come up with updated content.

Some skill you might look up for before starting this course would be:

  • AD users & groups management
  • Creating GPO’s
  • Basic networking skills
  • Setting up WSUS
  • Software deployment

Hope this helped you. In case you have additional questions contact me on LinkedIn or Twitter :).